About us

Get to know us better at MeesterPlusser.nl. Discover who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Discover our story and our passion for sharing knowledge and inspiration in various topics.

Welcome to MeesterPlusser.nl, your destination for hip-hop inspired clothing inspired by both Dutch and American hip-hop music and streetwear culture.

At MeesterPlusser.nl we have a passion for uniting style and hip hop. Our story started with the desire to create unique and authentic clothing that reflects the essence of hip-hop culture, both in the Netherlands and the United States. Our collections are infused with the energy, creativity and diversity of the hip-hop world, and we strive to translate this into garments that both stand out and provide comfort.

Whether you are looking for a statement T-shirt with an iconic text or a hoodie with an artistic print, at MeesterPlusser.nl you will find something that perfectly embodies your love for hip hop and streetwear. We combine high-quality materials with bold designs to create clothing that is not only stylish, but also tells a story.

But MeesterPlusser.nl is more than just a clothing brand. We are a community of like-minded individuals who share the passion for hip-hop. We stand for inclusivity, creativity and self-expression, and we encourage everyone to express themselves and tell their own story through our clothing.

We are proud of our Dutch roots and our pursuit of excellence. We collaborate with local and international artists, designers and artisans to create unique and high-quality products that embody our vision of hip-hop and streetwear.

At MeesterPlusser.nl we believe in the power of community and connection. We invite you to be part of our journey, to discover and embrace your own mastery, and to join us in pushing the boundaries of hip-hop culture.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collections, share your story and become part of the MeesterPlusser.nl community. We are proud to welcome you to our world of hip-hop inspired fashion and culture.